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terraform apply --help

Usage: terraform [global options] apply [options] [PLAN]

  Creates or updates infrastructure according to Terraform configuration
  files in the current directory. 

  By default, Terraform will generate a new plan and present it for your
  approval before taking any action. You can optionally provide a plan
  file created by a previous call to "terraform plan", in which case
  Terraform will take the actions described in that plan without any
  confirmation prompt. 


  -auto-approve          Skip interactive approval of plan before applying.

  -backup=path           Path to backup the existing state file before
                         modifying. Defaults to the "-state-out" path with
                         ".backup" extension. Set to "-" to disable backup. 

  -compact-warnings      If Terraform produces any warnings that are not
                         accompanied by errors, show them in a more compact
                         form that includes only the summary messages.

  -lock=false            Don't hold a state lock during the operation. This is
                         dangerous if others might concurrently run commands
                         against the same workspace.

  -lock-timeout=0s       Duration to retry a state lock.

  -input=true            Ask for input for variables if not directly set.  
  -no-color              If specified, output won't contain any color.

  -parallelism=n         Limit the number of parallel resource operations.
                        Defaults to 10.
  -state=path            Path to read and save state (unless state-out
                         is specified). Defaults to "terraform.tfstate".

  -state-out=path        Path to write state to that is different than
                         "-state". This can be used to preserve the old

  If you don't provide a saved plan file then this command will also accept
  all of the plan-customization options accepted by the terraform plan command.
  For more information on those options, run:
      terraform plan -help


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