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terraform show command provides human-readable output from a state or plan file.

 terraform init -> terraform plan ->  terraform apply -> terraform show



terraform show | grep .rds.amazonaws.com
terraform show | grep -w endpoint
terraform show
No state.
terraform show
(no output)
terragrunt show

Examples with errors[edit]

terraform show
│ Error: Module not installed
│   on /path_to_file/main.tf line 3:
│    3: module "compute" {
│ This module is not yet installed. Run "terraform init" to install all modules required by this configuration.
Error: Backend initialization required, please run "terraform init"

Error: failed to read the give file as a state or plan file

Error: Invalid or missing required argument


  • terraform show: the JSON plan output now indicates which state values are sensitive. (#28889)

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