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terraform output[1] command is used to extract the value of an output variable from the state file.

terraform output (--help)
terraform output -json
terraform output -raw


terraform output
kubernetes_cluster_host = ""
kubernetes_cluster_name = "cluster-name-gke"
project_id = "your-project"
region = "us-central1"
terraform output your_var
terraform output -raw region
terraform output -raw region
terraform output -raw cluster_name

terraform output -raw region
│ Warning: No outputs found
│ The state file either has no outputs defined, or all the defined outputs are
│ empty. Please define an output in your configuration with the `output`
│ keyword and run `terraform refresh` for it to become available. If you are
│ using interpolation, please verify the interpolated value is not empty. You
│ can use the `terraform console` command to assist.

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