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journalctl command allows to query the contents of the systemd journal/logs.


Basic Commands[edit]

-u unit_name
journalctl -u service-name.service -f
journalctl -u libvirtd
journalctl -u ssh (See also sshd logs)
journalctl -u docker
journalctl -u prometheus
journalctl -u UNIT_NAME -n 1 -o verbose
journalctl -xn --nopager

Disk Usage/Logging:

  • journalctl --disk-usage
  • journalctl --vacuum-time=2d
  • journalctl --vacuum-size=200M[2]
    • --vacuum-size=BYTES Reduce disk usage below specified size
    • --vacuum-files=INT Leave only the specified number of journal files
    • --vacuum-time=TIME Remove journal files older than specified time
  • journalctl --list-boots. See also: last (command)
  • journalctl -xb
-x --catalog Includes explanations in log lines from message catalgog
-b show message from current boot. if [ID] is provided will show messages from that specific boot.

  • journalctl --since "2 days ago"

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