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Categories of system calls[edit]

System calls can be grouped roughly into six major categories:[1]

  1. Process control
  1. File management
    • create file, delete file
    • open, close
    • read, write, reposition
    • get/set file attributes
  2. Device management
    • request device, release device
    • read, write, reposition
    • get/set device attributes
    • logically attach or detach devices
  3. Information maintenance
    • get/set total system information (including time, date, computer name, enterprise etc.)
    • get/set process, file, or device metadata (including author, opener, creation time and date, etc.)
  4. Communication
    • create, delete communication connection
    • send, receive messages
    • transfer status information
    • attach or detach remote devices
  5. Protection
    • get/set file permissions

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