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cgroups functionality that was released in Linux Kernel version 2.6.24


systemd-cgls memory

Basic Commands[edit]

  • Create a group : cgcreate -g memory:myGroup
  • cgexec -g memory:myGroup YOUR_PROGRAM_TO_EXEC

  • You can use cgget to view the current limits, usage, & high watermarks of the group:
sudo cgget -g memory:/myGroup|grep bytes 
memory.kmem.tcp.usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.soft_limit_in_bytes: 9223372036854771712
memory.kmem.tcp.max_usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.max_usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.limit_in_bytes: 9223372036854771712
memory.kmem.max_usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.kmem.limit_in_bytes: 9223372036854771712
memory.kmem.usage_in_bytes: 0
memory.kmem.tcp.limit_in_bytes: 9223372036854771712

I/O control, more accurate cgroup I/O control with blk-iocost[1]

Related terms[edit]

Sep 21 11:23:14 yourhostame dockerd[1850]: time="2023-09-21T11:23:14.096834108Z" level=warning msg="Your kernel does not support swap limit capabilities or the cgroup is not mounted. Memory limited without swap."


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