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cgcreate command is included in the cgroup-tools packages

Limit memory[edit]

cgcreate -g memory:myGroup
echo 500M > /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/myGroup/memory.limit_in_bytes
echo 5G > /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/myGroup/memory.memsw.limit_in_bytes
cgexec -g memory:myGroup PROGRAM_TO_EXECUTE


cgcreate -g cpu:/myCpulimit
cgset -r cpu.cfs_period_us=1000000 myCpulimit
cgset -r cpu.cfs_quota_us=100000 myCpulimit
cgget -g cpu:myCpulimit
cgexec -g cpu:myCpulimit YOUR_COMMAND

cgset -r cpu.AllowedCPUs=1 myCpulimit

Controller Can be controlled by user Options
cpu Yes (Requires delegation) CPUAccounting, CPUWeight, CPUQuota, AllowedCPUs, AllowedMemoryNodes
io Yes (Requires delegation) IOWeight, IOReadBandwidthMax, IOWriteBandwidthMax, IODeviceLatencyTargetSec
memory Yes MemoryLow, MemoryHigh, MemoryMax, MemorySwapMax
pids Yes TasksMax
rdma No ?
eBPF No IPAddressDeny, DeviceAllow, DevicePolicy

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