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wikipedia:RocksDB is a high performance embedded database/library for key-value database released in 2012 and written in C++. Database has to be open by a single process for writting and multiprocessor for reading.[1]. A single DB can be configured to store its data in multiple directories. It is based on a log-structured merge-tree (LSM tree) data structure

RocksDB execute periodic compactions which reads from one or more SST files, perform merge-sort like operation, generate new SST files, and delete the old SST files it inputs.

RocksDB databases include support for field compression using Zstandard

Maximum recommended sizes for key and value are 8MB and 3GB respectively.


Related binaries: sst_dump and SstFileReader.


  1. Read RocksDB source:
  2. Review MyRocks: MySQL/MariaDB storage engine that integrates with RocksDB.

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