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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat for the commercial market that includes commercial support and Certification Program for administrators.




  1. Identify Linux package managers used by RHEL
  2. Learn about commercial support alternatives from RedHat such us Ubuntu
  3. Learn about new RHEL 8 Features[1], /RHEL 7 Features/ and /RHEL 6 Features/ like cgroups
  4. Use Nmcli to configure your network.
  5. Review RHEL Timeline:
  6. How to update Red Hat Enterprise Linux via minor releases and Extended Update Support


  1. Learn about RHV product for creating KVM virtual machines.
  2. Identify different filesystems available: ext4 and XFS
  3. Learn about: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras
  4. Read RHEL8 Security Hardening Guide:


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