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wikipedia:OpenShift (2011) is a family of containerization software. Its flagship product is the OpenShift Container Platform—an (OCP), Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes distribution to be run on-premises and built around Docker containers running on RHEL.


  • 2012 OpenShift Origin the open source codebase used in the OpenShift PaaS released[1]
  • 2011 Openshift platform is launched based on Linux containers[2]

Red Hat OpenShift releases[edit]


The smallest OpenShift Container Platform clusters require the following hosts[3]:

  • One bootstrap machine (can be removed later)
  • 3 control plane, or master, machines
  • At least 2 compute, or worker, machines

OpenShift Container Platform can also be installed on AWS, Azure and GCP.


  1. Review differences between Red Hat OpenShift Container Engine and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  2. Install OpenShift Container Platform 4.2 on bare metal

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