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pssh is a parallel ssh program

Usage: pssh [OPTIONS] command [...]

pssh: error: Command not specified.

pssh --help
Usage: pssh [OPTIONS] command [...]

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --help                show this help message and exit
  -h HOST_FILE, --hosts=HOST_FILE
                        hosts file (each line "[user@]host[:port]")
                        additional host entries ("[user@]host[:port]")
  -l USER, --user=USER  username (OPTIONAL)
  -p PAR, --par=PAR     max number of parallel threads (OPTIONAL)
  -o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR
                        output directory for stdout files (OPTIONAL)
  -e ERRDIR, --errdir=ERRDIR
                        output directory for stderr files (OPTIONAL)
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        timeout (secs) (0 = no timeout) per host (OPTIONAL)
  -O OPTION, --option=OPTION
                        SSH option (OPTIONAL)
  -v, --verbose         turn on warning and diagnostic messages (OPTIONAL)
  -A, --askpass         Ask for a password (OPTIONAL)
  -x ARGS, --extra-args=ARGS
                        Extra command-line arguments, with processing for
                        spaces, quotes, and backslashes
  -X ARG, --extra-arg=ARG
                        Extra command-line argument
  -i, --inline          inline aggregated output and error for each server
  --inline-stdout       inline standard output for each server
  -I, --send-input      read from standard input and send as input to ssh
  -P, --print           print output as we get it

Example: pssh -h hosts.txt -l irb2 -o /tmp/foo uptime

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