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parallel[1] allows the user to execute shell scripts or commands in parallel.


aws ec2 describe-regions --query "Regions[].{Name:RegionName}" --output text | parallel "echo {}; aws ec2 describe-instances --region {}"

your_command | parallel "echo {}; your_command2 {}"
ls | parallel git -C {} fetch
ls | parallel git -C {} pull



  1. Execute a command in parallel by ssh in MACHINE1 and MACHINE2 using parallel
  2. Read stackexchange questions about gnu-parallel:
  3. Install parallel in macOS: brew install parallel can conflict with brew install moreutils


  1. Review different parallel options such as: --keep-order or -k which keep order in the output. Do not affect order of execution.
  2. Update all your git repositories in a directory in macOS using parallel: ls | parallel git -C {} fetch

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