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wikipedia:Ed25519 is the EdDSA signature scheme using SHA-512 (SHA-2) and Curve25519.


  • OpenSSH 8.5 March, 2021 changes the first-preference signature algorithm from ECDSA to ED25519.
  • OpenSSH 6.8: March 18, 2015
    • Added new [email protected] extension to facilitate public key discovery and rotation for trusted hosts (for transition from DSA to Ed25519 public host keys)[1]
    • AuthenticationMethods=publickey,publickey to require that users authenticate using two different public keys [2]

Key management[edit]

Key generation:

ssh-keygen -e -m PEM -f private_key_in_ed25519_format
do_convert_to_pem: unsupported key type ED25519

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