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wikipedia:neo4j (2007) graph database

neo4j version
neo4j status


Usage: neo4j [-hV] [--expand-commands] [--verbose] [COMMAND]
A partial alias for 'neo4j-admin server'. Commands for working with DBMS process from 'neo4j-admin server' category can
be invoked using this command.
      --expand-commands   Allow command expansion in config value evaluation.
  -h, --help              Show this help message and exit.
  -V, --version           Print version information and exit.
      --verbose           Prints additional information.
  version  Print version information and exit.
  help     Display help information about the specified command.
  console  Start server in console.
  restart  Restart the server daemon.
  start    Start server as a daemon.
  status   Get the status of the neo4j server process.
  stop     Stop the server daemon.

Environment variables:
  NEO4J_CONF    Path to directory which contains neo4j.conf.
  NEO4J_DEBUG   Set to anything to enable debug output.
  NEO4J_HOME    Neo4j home directory.
  HEAP_SIZE     Set JVM maximum heap size during command execution. Takes a number and a unit, for example 512m.
  JAVA_OPTS     Used to pass custom setting to Java Virtual Machine executing the command. Refer to JVM documentation
about the exact format. This variable is incompatible with HEAP_SIZE and takes precedence over HEAP_SIZE.

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