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Grafana [1] (Grafana Labs) is an open source software written in go first released in 2014, feature rich metrics dashboard, alerting and graph editor for CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Grafana Logging, Graphite, InfluxDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenTSDB, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, Google Stackdriver and TestData DB.

Alerting is supported at least in the following datasources Graphite, Prometheus, Elasticsearch (since version 5.2[2]), InfluxDB, OpenTSDB, MySQL, Postgres and Cloudwatch.[3]

Notifications enables support for the following channels Discord, Email, Hipchat, Kafka, Line, Microsoft Teams, OpsGenie, Pagerduty, Prometheus Alertmanager, Pushover, RocketChat[4], Sensu, Slack, Telegram, Threema, VictorOps, Webhook.[5]




Configuration files[edit]


Grafana is widely used including by wikipedia foundation


  1. Review Wikimedia Grafana graphs:
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  4. Read Grafana source code:
  5. Review Grafana logs
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  7. Configure Cloudwatch as Source:
  8. Configure Google OAuth2 authentication for Grafana
  9. Configure Loki as a datasource

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