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Zabbix (2001) is an open source monitoring software for networks, operating systems and applications. It is designed following a Client-server architecture to monitor and track the status of various services components: network, servers, and network hardware.

Zabbbix client software is Zabbix agent while server listen on TCP port 10050 and 10051.

You can installing it using official Zabbix installation instructions or running it using a docker container[1]




Install Zabbix[edit]

Install Zabbix using Docker[edit]

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  1. Install Zabbix using Docker
  2. Add your first Zabbix hosts (monitored machine)
  3. Create you first web monitoring and define a new trigger it.


  1. Install Zabbix plugin on Grafana: grafana-cli plugins install alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app
  2. Review Ansible Zabbix modules:

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