Start with the IBM Cloud CLI

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Run the installation command[edit]

  • To verify that the CLI and Developer tools were installed successfully, run the help command: ibmcloud dev help
  • Log in to IBM Cloud with your IBMid. If you have multiple accounts, you are prompted to select which account to use. If you do not specify a region with the -r flag, you must also select a region.

ibmcloud login Available Regions:

1. au-syd
2. jp-tok
3. kr-seo
4. eu-de
5. eu-gb
6. us-south
7. us-east

If your credentials are rejected, you might be using a federated ID. To log in with a federated ID, use the --sso flag

  • To access Cloud Foundry services, you must specify a Cloud Foundry org and space. You can run the following command to interactively identify the org and space:

ibmcloud target --cf

Or, if you know which org and space that the service belongs to, you can use the following command: ibmcloud target -o <value> -s <value>

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