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ibmcloud cos
ibmcloud cos - Interact with IBM Cloud Object Storage services

ibmcloud cos command [arguments...] [command options]


bucket-class-get            Returns the class type of the specified bucket.
bucket-cors-delete          Delete the CORS configuration from a bucket.
bucket-cors-get             Get the CORS configuration from a bucket.
bucket-cors-put             Set the CORS configuration on a bucket.
bucket-create               Create a new bucket.
bucket-delete               Delete an existing bucket.
bucket-head                 Determine if a specified bucket exists in your account.
bucket-location-get         Get the region and class of a bucket.
buckets                     List all the buckets in your IBM Cloud Object Storage account.
buckets-extended            List all the extended buckets with pagination support.
config                      Changes plugin configuration
download                    Download objects from S3 concurrently.
multipart-upload-abort      Abort a multipart upload instance.
multipart-upload-complete   Complete an existing multipart upload instance.
multipart-upload-create     Create a new multipart upload instance.
multipart-uploads           This operation lists in-progress multipart uploads.
object-copy                 Copy an object from one bucket to another.
object-delete               Delete an object from a bucket.
object-get                  Download an object from a bucket.
object-head                 Determine if an object exists within a bucket.
object-put                  Upload an object to a bucket.
objects                     List all objects in a specific bucket.
objects-delete              Delete multiple objects from a bucket
part-upload-copy            Upload a part by copying data from an existing object.
parts                       Display the list of uploaded parts of an object.
upload                      Upload objects from S3 concurrently.
wait                        Wait until a particular condition is satisfied.  Each subcommand polls an API until the listed requirement is met.
help, h                     Show help

Enter 'ibmcloud cos help [command]' for more information about a command.

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