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       Session timeout
         TCP default timeout:                           3600 secs
         TCP session timeout before SYN-ACK received:      5 secs
         TCP session timeout before 3-way handshaking:    10 secs
         TCP half-closed session timeout:                120 secs
         TCP session timeout in TIME_WAIT:                15 secs
         TCP session delayed ack timeout:                250 millisecs
         TCP session timeout for unverified RST:          30 secs
         UDP default timeout:                             30 secs
         ICMP default timeout:                             6 secs
         SCTP default timeout:                          3600 secs
         SCTP timeout before INIT-ACK received:            5 secs
         SCTP timeout before COOKIE received:             60 secs
         SCTP timeout before SHUTDOWN received:           30 secs
         other IP default timeout:                        30 secs
         Captive Portal session timeout:                  30 secs
         Session timeout in discard state:
           TCP: 90 secs, UDP: 60 secs, SCTP: 60 secs, other IP protocols: 60 secs

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