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Palo Alto GlobalProtect is an always-on SSL/IPsec VPN solution with MFA authentication included on PAN-OS firewall devices. Port UDP 4501 is used by IPsec for the data communication between the GlobalProtect client and the firewall

  • Client supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and macOS





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Related commands[edit]

current-satellite Show current GlobalProtect gateway satellites
current-user Show current GlobalProtect gateway users
flow Show dataplane GlobalProtect gateway tunnel information
flow-site-to-site Show dataplane GlobalProtect site-to-site gateway tunnel information
gateway Show list of GlobalProtect gateway configuration
previous-satellite Show previous GlobalProtect gateway satellites
previous-user Show previous user session for GlobalProtect gateway users


Related terms[edit]

  • HIP. If the Host Information Profile (HIP) feature is enabled, the gateway generates a HIP report from the raw host data that the endpoints submit, which it can use for policy enforcement.
  • Prisma Cloud

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