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metricbeat is an Elastic software that allows to collect metrics from your systems and services. OS metrics such as CPU and memory or application metrics from more than 70 systems among others Apache, Ceph, Docker, Logstash, Jolokia, NGINX, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus and Redis. Full list of modules available in metricbeat modules list


metricbeat --help
metricbeat version
metricbeat test config
metricbeat test output
metricbeat setup
metricbeat setup --dashboards
metricbeat modules enable apache mysql
metricbeat modules list
metricbeat run
metricbeat keystore
metricbeat --strict.perms=false -system.hostfs=/hostfs

Ubuntu/Debian installation[edit]

curl -L -O
sudo dpkg -i metricbeat-7.9.3-amd64.deb


  1. Install MetricBeat in your system using docker
  2. Install MetricBeat on macOS: brew install metricbeat
  3. Read MetricBeat source code and review repository
  4. Read Beats Release Notes

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