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inspec --help

  inspec archive PATH                                  # archive a profile to tar.gz (default) or zip
  inspec artifact SUBCOMMAND                           # Manage Chef InSpec Artifacts
  inspec automate SUBCOMMAND or compliance SUBCOMMAND  # Chef Automate commands
  inspec check PATH                                    # verify all tests at the specified PATH
  inspec clear_cache                                   # clears the InSpec cache. Useful for debugging.
  inspec detect                                        # detect the target OS
  inspec env                                           # Output shell-appropriate completion configuration
  inspec exec LOCATIONS                                # Run all tests at LOCATIONS.
  inspec habitat SUBCOMMAND                            # Manage Habitat with Chef InSpec
  inspec help [COMMAND]                                # Describe available commands or one specific command
  inspec init SUBCOMMAND                               # Generate InSpec code
  inspec json PATH                                     # read all tests in PATH and generate a JSON summary
  inspec plugin SUBCOMMAND                             # Manage Chef InSpec and Train plugins
  inspec shell                                         # open an interactive debugging shell
  inspec supermarket SUBCOMMAND ...                    # Supermarket commands
  inspec vendor PATH                                   # Download all dependencies and generate a lockfile in a `vendor` directory
  inspec version                                       # prints the version of this tool

  l, [--log-level=LOG_LEVEL]                         # Set the log level: info (default), debug, warn, error
      [--log-location=LOG_LOCATION]                  # Location to send diagnostic log messages to. (default: $stdout or Inspec::Log.error)
      [--diagnose], [--no-diagnose]                  # Show diagnostics (versions, configurations)
      [--color], [--no-color]                        # Use colors in output.
      [--interactive], [--no-interactive]            # Allow or disable user interaction
      [--disable-user-plugins]                       # Disable loading all plugins that the user installed.
      [--enable-telemetry], [--no-enable-telemetry]  # Allow or disable telemetry
      [--chef-license=CHEF_LICENSE]                  # Accept the license for this product and any contained products: accept, accept-no-persist, 

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