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ifconfigis a command in Unix-like operating systems like Linux[1], FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS for Ethernet network interface configuration.

In macOS, the ifconfig command functions as a wrapper to the IPConfiguration agent, and can control the BootP and DHCP clients from the command-line. Use of ifconfig to modify network settings in Mac OS X is discouraged, because ifconfig operates below the level of the system frameworks which help manage network configuration. To change network settings in Mac OS X from the command line, use /usr/sbin/ipconfig or /usr/sbin/networksetup.

ifconfig command is included in the net-tools package but not installed by default in RHEL since version 7[2].

Configuring an alias IP[edit]



anpi0 anpi1 anpi2 ap1 awdl0 bridge0 en0 en1 en2 en3 en4 en5 en6 gif0 llw0 lo0 stf0 utun0 utun1 utun2 utun3

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