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helm repo add eks https://aws.github.io/eks-charts
"eks" has been added to your repositories


helm search[edit]

helm search eks
NAME                                    	CHART VERSION	APP VERSION                       	DESCRIPTION
eks/amazon-ec2-metadata-mock            	1.11.2       	                                  	A Helm chart for Amazon EC2 Metadata Mock
eks/appmesh-controller                  	1.7.0        	1.7.0                             	App Mesh controller Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-gateway                     	0.1.5        	1.0.0                             	App Mesh Gateway Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-grafana                     	1.0.4        	6.4.3                             	App Mesh Grafana Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-inject                      	0.14.8       	0.5.0                             	App Mesh Inject Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-jaeger                      	1.0.3        	1.29.0                            	App Mesh Jaeger Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-prometheus                  	1.0.1        	2.13.1                            	App Mesh Prometheus Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/appmesh-spire-agent                 	1.0.2        	1.0.0                             	SPIRE Agent Helm chart for AppMesh mTLS support on Kubern...
eks/appmesh-spire-server                	1.0.2        	1.0.0                             	SPIRE Server Helm chart for AppMesh mTLS support on Kuber...
eks/aws-calico                          	0.3.11       	3.19.1                            	A Helm chart for installing Calico on AWS
eks/aws-cloudwatch-metrics              	0.0.7        	1.247350                          	A Helm chart to deploy aws-cloudwatch-metrics project
eks/aws-for-fluent-bit                  	0.1.21       	2.21.5                            	A Helm chart to deploy aws-for-fluent-bit project
eks/aws-load-balancer-controller        	1.4.5        	v2.4.4                            	AWS Load Balancer Controller Helm chart for Kubernetes
eks/aws-node-termination-handler        	0.19.3       	1.17.3                            	A Helm chart for the AWS Node Termination Handler.
eks/aws-sigv4-proxy-admission-controller	0.1.2        	1                                 	AWS SIGv4 Admission Controller Helm Chart for Kubernetes
eks/aws-vpc-cni                         	1.1.21       	v1.11.4                           	A Helm chart for the AWS VPC CNI
eks/csi-secrets-store-provider-aws      	0.0.3        	1.0.r2-6-gee95299-2022.	A Helm chart to install the Secrets Store CSI Driver and ...


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