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helm template [NAME] [CHART] [flags]
helm template
Error: chart is required
helm template --help
helm template \
  --namespace YourEnv \
  --set registryBase=${ECR_BASE} \
  --set imageTag=${IMAGE_TAG} \
  --set gitVersion="manual" \
  --set gitBranch=yourenv  \
  --set secrets.frontApi.dbUrl=${API_DB_URL} \
  --set secrets.riskApi.dbUrl=${RISK_DB_URL} \
  -f ./values_aws.yaml -f /tmp/your_decrypted_secrets.yaml ./path/to/file --name backup | kubectl --namespace YourEnv apply --dry-run -f -
W0630 12:07:48.988016   79663 helpers.go:636] --dry-run is deprecated and can be replaced with --dry-run=client.
secret/your-secret-name1 created (dry run)
secret/your-secret-name1 created (dry run)
configmap/prod-your-configmap-name1 created (dry run)
configmap/prod-your-configmap-name2 created (dry run) 

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