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Linux Kernel modes for file I/O: buffered and direct. (See also: kswapd and Jens Axboe)

file file.img
file.img: DOS/MBR boot sector; partition 1 : ID=0xc, active, start-CHS (0x0,0,2), end-CHS (0x41,4,4), startsector 1, 1044480 sectors; partition 2 : ID=0x83, start-CHS (0x41,4,5), end-CHS (0x3e7,35,61), startsector 1044481, 31457280 sectors
file your_pem_file.pem
your_pem_file.pem PEM RSA private key
file private_key_file
private_key_file: OpenSSH private key
file searchindex.MYI
searchindex.MYI: MySQL MyISAM index file Version 1, 3 key parts, 0 unique key parts, 3 keys, 5734 records, 0 deleted records

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