docker manifest --help

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docker manifest --help 

Usage:  docker manifest COMMAND

The **docker manifest** command has subcommands for managing image manifests and
manifest lists. A manifest list allows you to use one name to refer to the same image
built for multiple architectures.
To see help for a subcommand, use:

    docker manifest CMD --help

For full details on using docker manifest lists, see the registry v2 specification.

  docker manifest is an experimental feature.
  Experimental features provide early access to product functionality. These
  features may change between releases without warning, or can be removed from a
  future release. Learn more about experimental features in our documentation:

  annotate    Add additional information to a local image manifest
  create      Create a local manifest list for annotating and pushing to a registry
  inspect     Display an image manifest, or manifest list
  push        Push a manifest list to a repository
  rm          Delete one or more manifest lists from local storage

Run 'docker manifest COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.

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