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docker push push an image or a repository to a registry

docker push my_image_name
docker push
docker push --quiet your_image
docker push --help


docker push "your_ecr_repo/elasticsearch:v9.9"
The push refers to repository []
40a381ca46dc: Preparing
f9cd3098ca32: Preparing
c3e87cd6748e: Preparing
3995c6207484: Preparing
9cbb1bc9540c: Preparing
2dca0f18577a: Waiting
e77d17b4c748: Waiting
5fde16b8f2a5: Waiting
bb800dda9d0e: Waiting
f92203fcb38b: Waiting
e9fb19c67236: Waiting
0a367bc63a2a: Waiting
denied: Your authorization token has expired. Reauthenticate and try again.
Solution: docker login

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