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wikipedia:Argo CD (Trends) is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes



  • Automated deployment of applications to specified target environments
  • Automated configuration drift detection (can be disabled) and visualization
  • Support for multiple config management/templating tools: Kustomize, Helm, Jsonnet, plain-YAML
  • PreSync, Sync, PostSync hooks to support complex application rollouts (e.g. blue/green & canary upgrades)
  • Ability to manage and deploy to multiple clusters
  • SSO Integration (OIDC, OAuth2, LDAP, SAML 2.0, GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft, LinkedIn)
  • Multi-tenancy and RBAC policies for authorization
  • Rollback/Roll-anywhere to any application configuration committed in Git repository
  • Health status analysis of application resources
  • Automated or manual syncing of applications to it's desired state
  • Web UI which provides real-time view of application activity
  • CLI for automation and CI integration: argocd
  • Webhook integration: GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab
  • Access tokens for automation
  • Audit trails for application events and API calls
  • Prometheus metrics
  • Parameter overrides for overriding helm parameters in Git



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