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argocd --help
argocd controls a Argo CD server

  argocd [flags]
  argocd [command]

Available Commands:
  account     Manage account settings
  admin       Contains a set of commands useful for Argo CD administrators and requires direct Kubernetes access
  app         Manage applications
  cert        Manage repository certificates and SSH known hosts entries
  cluster     Manage cluster credentials
  completion  output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
  context     Switch between contexts
  gpg         Manage GPG keys used for signature verification
  help        Help about any command
  login       Log in to Argo CD
  logout      Log out from Argo CD
  proj        Manage projects
  relogin     Refresh an expired authenticate token
  repo        Manage repository connection parameters
  repocreds   Manage repository connection parameters
  version     Print version information

      --auth-token string               Authentication token
      --client-crt string               Client certificate file
      --client-crt-key string           Client certificate key file
      --config string                   Path to Argo CD config (default "/Users/sf/.argocd/config")
      --core                            If set to true then CLI talks directly to Kubernetes instead of talking to Argo CD API server
      --grpc-web                        Enables gRPC-web protocol. Useful if Argo CD server is behind proxy which does not support HTTP2.
      --grpc-web-root-path string       Enables gRPC-web protocol. Useful if Argo CD server is behind proxy which does not support HTTP2. Set web root.
  -H, --header strings                  Sets additional header to all requests made by Argo CD CLI. (Can be repeated multiple times to add multiple headers, also supports comma separated headers)
  -h, --help                            help for argocd
      --http-retry-max int              Maximum number of retries to establish http connection to Argo CD server
      --insecure                        Skip server certificate and domain verification
      --logformat string                Set the logging format. One of: text|json (default "text")
      --loglevel string                 Set the logging level. One of: debug|info|warn|error (default "info")
      --plaintext                       Disable TLS
      --port-forward                    Connect to a random argocd-server port using port forwarding
      --port-forward-namespace string   Namespace name which should be used for port forwarding
      --server string                   Argo CD server address
      --server-crt string               Server certificate file

Use "argocd [command] --help" for more information about a command.

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