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filename to inode lookup

Inodes store information about files and directories (folders), such as file ownership, access mode (read, write, execute permissions), and file type.

Within a POSIX system, a file has the following attributes[10] which may be retrieved by the stat system call:

  • Device ID (this identifies the device containing the file; that is, the scope of uniqueness of the serial number).
  • File serial numbers. (Inode)
  • The file mode which determines the file type and how the file's owner, its group, and others can access the file.
  • A link count telling how many hard links point to the inode.
  • The User ID of the file's owner.
  • The Group ID of the file.
  • The device ID of the file if it is a device file.
  • The size of the file in bytes.
  • Timestamps telling when the inode itself was last modified (ctime, inode change time), the file content last modified (mtime, modification time), and last accessed (atime, access time).
  • The preferred I/O block size.
  • The number of blocks allocated to this file.

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