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fallocate preallocate or deallocate space to a file, it is not supported in ZFS[1], use dd instead of.


fallocate -l 1G NEW_filename
fallocate -l 24M NEW_filename
-l --length

fallocate -l 1G NEW_filename
fallocate: fallocate failed: No space left on device
fallocate: no filename specified


fallocate -h

 fallocate [options] <filename>

Preallocate space to, or deallocate space from a file.

 -c, --collapse-range remove a range from the file
 -d, --dig-holes      detect zeroes and replace with holes
 -i, --insert-range   insert a hole at range, shifting existing data
 -l, --length <num>   length for range operations, in bytes
 -n, --keep-size      maintain the apparent size of the file
 -o, --offset <num>   offset for range operations, in bytes
 -p, --punch-hole     replace a range with a hole (implies -n)
 -z, --zero-range     zero and ensure allocation of a range
 -x, --posix          use posix_fallocate(3) instead of fallocate(2)
 -v, --verbose        verbose mode

 -h, --help           display this help
 -V, --version        display version

For more details see fallocate(1).

Execution examples

fallocate: no filename specified
fallocate -v -l 10G NEW_10G_FILE
(not output on success)

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