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Website Footprinting[edit]

Website Footprinting. It is a technique used for extracting the details related to the website as follows. Archived description of the website. Content management system and framework. Script and platform of the website and web server.

Some tools:

Email Footprinting[edit]

Trace an Email and Collect Information from it. It contained the methodology of gathering information from a website. Similarly, this article refers to gathering information from an Email.

Some Trackers tools:

  • GetNotify
  • ContactMonkey
  • yesware

Information gathered about the victim using email tracking tools:

  • Geolocation
  • Email received and Read
  • Read duration
  • Proxy detection: Provides information about the type of server used by the recipient
  • Links: Checks whether the links sent to the recipient through email have been checked
  • Operating system and Browser information: Reveals information about the operating system and the browser used by the recipient.
  • Forward Email
  • Device Type: Provides information about the type of device used to open and read the email e.g., desktop computer, mobile device, or laptop.

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