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tmux[1] is a terminal multiplexer first released in 2007.

Basic command usage:

Example shows two running sessions: 0 and my_named_session: 
tmux ls
0: 1 windows (created Sat Sep 15 09:38:43 2018) [158x35]
my_named_session: 1 windows (created Sat Sep 15 10:13:11 2018) [78x35]
  • Config file: $HOME/.tmux.conf

  • tmux -f your_tmux_config_file.conf
  • tmux new -s my_session_name
  • tmux a or tmux attach Attach to last used session.[3]
  • tmux attach -t my_session_name or tmux attach-session -t my_session_name
  • tmux attach -t 0 or tmux attach-session -t 0

  • tmux kill-server


  1. Open a tmux session, disconnect your computer and reconnect again to your previous session using tmux attach or tmux a
  2. Transfer current command to a detachable session (reptyr):
  3. Add set -g mouse on to your $HOME/.tmux.conf file to scroll using your mouse.[4] (tmux kill-server)

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