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snap install --help
snap install terraform-provider-zabbix
error: snap "terraform-provider-zabbix" is not available on stable but is available to install on
      the following channels:
      beta       snap install --beta terraform-provider-zabbix
      edge       snap install --edge terraform-provider-zabbix
      Please be mindful pre-release channels may include features not completely tested or
      implemented. Get more information with 'snap info terraform-provider-zabbix'.
snap install rocketchat-server
rocketchat-server (3.x/stable) 3.1.1 from Rocket.Chat (rocketchat✓) installed

snap install --channel=latest/stable rocketchat-server


snap install
error: cannot install zero snaps
snap install your_snap_to_install
Interacting with snapd is not yet supported on Windows Subsystem for Linux.
This command has been left available for documentation purposes only.

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