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Getting Started with Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud offers secure, easy-to-use remote state management and allows
you to run Terraform remotely in a controlled environment. Terraform Cloud runs
can be performed on demand or triggered automatically by various events.

This script will set up everything you need to get started. You'll be
applying some example infrastructure - for free - in less than a minute.

First, we'll do some setup and configure Terraform to use Terraform Cloud.

Press any key to continue (ctrl-c to quit):

Creating an organization and workspace...

Writing remote backend configuration to


Ready to go; the example configuration is set up to use Terraform Cloud!
An example workspace named 'getting-started' was created for you.
You can view this workspace in the Terraform Cloud UI here:

With errors[edit]

It looks like 'jq' is not installed; please install it and run this setup script again.


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