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12:00:01 AM     IFACE   rxpck/s   txpck/s    rxkB/s    txkB/s   rxcmp/s   txcmp/s  rxmcst/s   %ifutil
12:00:01 AM     IFACE   rxerr/s   txerr/s    coll/s  rxdrop/s  txdrop/s  txcarr/s  rxfram/s  rxfifo/s  txfifo/s
12:00:01 AM    call/s retrans/s    read/s   write/s  access/s  getatt/s
12:00:01 AM   scall/s badcall/s  packet/s     udp/s     tcp/s     hit/s    miss/s   sread/s  swrite/s saccess/s sgetatt/s
12:00:01 AM    totsck    tcpsck    udpsck    rawsck   ip-frag    tcp-tw
12:00:01 AM     CPU   total/s   dropd/s squeezd/s  rx_rps/s flw_lim/s

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