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Aug 16 00:00:14 SERVER podman[147366]: Error: no container with name or ID CONTAINER_NAME found: no such container
Aug 16 06:06:10 SERVER podman[230504]: Total reclaimed space: 4.515GB
Sep 23 13:40:45 SERVER podman[1297]: [2020-09-23 13:40:45,201]  ERROR -    jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Internal error occurred
Sep 17 11:04:11 SERVER podman[1009599]: ERROR: for XXXXX  No such container: a5a3d02e4024ab5cfc3917ae587efc7a4e1c2bbf106423a57259feb46d503ea9
Sep 23 13:46:01 SERVER podman[1326]: java.io.IOException: Problem running docker.compose.down. Exit code: 1
podman logs --since=20m CONTAINER_NAME

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