NGINX Ingress Controller

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wikipedia:NGINX Ingress Controller

kubectl get ingress
kubectl get ingressclass
kubectl logs -n nginx-ingress nginx-ingress-controller-XXX

Official repo[edit]

git clone
cd kubernetes-ingress/deployments/
kubectl apply -f common/ns-and-sa.yaml
kubectl apply -f common/default-server-secret.yaml
kubectl apply -f common/ingress-class.yaml   #
kubectl apply -f common/crds/
kubectl apply -f ../../contrib/helm/aws/aws-ingress-nginx-config.yaml
kubectl apply -f rbac/rbac.yaml
kubectl apply -f deployment/nginx-ingress.yaml
kubectl apply -f service/loadbalancer-aws-elb.yaml

kubectl get roles -A
ingress-nginx                         ingress-nginx                                    2022-07-18T10:28:37Z


 ingress-nginx   53m         Normal    UpdatedLoadBalancer       service/nginx-ingress-controller                        Updated load balancer with new hosts
ingress-nginx   54m         Warning   UnAvailableLoadBalancer   service/nginx-ingress-controller                        There are no available nodes for LoadBalancer



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