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MongoDB shell version v3.6.8
usage: mongo [options] [db address] [file names (ending in .js)]
db address can be:
  foo                   foo database on local machine       foo database on machine  foo database on machine on port 9999
  --shell                             run the shell after executing files
  --nodb                              don't connect to mongod on startup - no
                                      'db address' arg expected
  --norc                              will not run the ".mongorc.js" file on
                                      start up
  --quiet                             be less chatty
  --port arg                          port to connect to
  --host arg                          server to connect to
  --eval arg                          evaluate javascript
  -h [ --help ]                       show this usage information
  --version                           show version information
  --verbose                           increase verbosity
  --ipv6                              enable IPv6 support (disabled by default)
  --disableJavaScriptJIT              disable the Javascript Just In Time
  --disableJavaScriptProtection       allow automatic JavaScript function
  --ssl                               use SSL for all connections
  --sslCAFile arg                     Certificate Authority file for SSL
  --sslPEMKeyFile arg                 PEM certificate/key file for SSL
  --sslPEMKeyPassword arg             password for key in PEM file for SSL
  --sslCRLFile arg                    Certificate Revocation List file for SSL
  --sslAllowInvalidHostnames          allow connections to servers with
                                      non-matching hostnames
  --sslAllowInvalidCertificates       allow connections to servers with invalid
  --sslFIPSMode                       activate FIPS 140-2 mode at startup
  --retryWrites                       automatically retry write operations upon
                                      transient network errors
  --disableImplicitSessions           do not automatically create and use
                                      implicit sessions
  --jsHeapLimitMB arg                 set the js scope's heap size limit

Authentication Options:
  -u [ --username ] arg               username for authentication
  -p [ --password ] arg               password for authentication
  --authenticationDatabase arg        user source (defaults to dbname)
  --authenticationMechanism arg       authentication mechanism
  --gssapiServiceName arg (=mongodb)  Service name to use when authenticating
                                      using GSSAPI/Kerberos
  --gssapiHostName arg                Remote host name to use for purpose of
                                      GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication

file names: a list of files to run. files have to end in .js and will exit after unless --shell is specified

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