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lxd init
Would you like to use LXD clustering? (yes/no) [default=no]:
Do you want to configure a new storage pool? (yes/no) [default=yes]:
Name of the new storage pool [default=default]:
Name of the storage backend to use (btrfs, dir, lvm, zfs, ceph) [default=zfs]:
Create a new ZFS pool? (yes/no) [default=yes]:
Would you like to use an existing empty block device (e.g. a disk or partition)? (yes/no) [default=no]:
Size in GB of the new loop device (1GB minimum) [default=5GB]: 1GB
Would you like to connect to a MAAS server? (yes/no) [default=no]:
Would you like to create a new local network bridge? (yes/no) [default=yes]:
What should the new bridge be called? [default=lxdbr0]:
What IPv4 address should be used? (CIDR subnet notation, “auto” or “none”) [default=auto]:
What IPv6 address should be used? (CIDR subnet notation, “auto” or “none”) [default=auto]:
Would you like LXD to be available over the network? (yes/no) [default=no]:
Would you like stale cached images to be updated automatically? (yes/no) [default=yes]
Would you like a YAML "lxd init" preseed to be printed? (yes/no) [default=no]:


zfs list
NAME                                                                              USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
default                                                                           371M   397M       24K  none
default/containers                                                               7.47M   397M       24K  none
default/containers/c1                                                            7.44M   397M      364M  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/default/containers/c1
default/custom                                                                     24K   397M       24K  none
default/deleted                                                                   120K   397M       24K  none
default/deleted/containers                                                         24K   397M       24K  none
default/deleted/custom                                                             24K   397M       24K  none
default/deleted/images                                                             24K   397M       24K  none
default/deleted/virtual-machines                                                   24K   397M       24K  none
default/images                                                                    363M   397M       24K  none
default/images/fc0c46bfd66aec77507b7da6bfd64162413576b431e41dc417cfad4c528839dc   363M   397M      363M  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage- pools/default/images/fc0c46bfd66aec77507b7da6bfd64162413576b431e41dc417cfad4c528839dc
default/virtual-machines                                                           24K   397M       24K  none
brctl show
bridge name	bridge id		STP enabled	interfaces
lxdbr0		8000.00163e0deb06	no		veth3b2988e8

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