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lvcreate[1] commands creates a logical volume (LV)


  • Create LV using all VG space available:
lvcreate -l 100%FREE -n MY_NEW_LV MY_VG_NAME[2]
Logical volume "MY_NEW_LV" created.
WARNING: ext4 signature detected on /dev/MY_NEW_LV/MY_NEW_LV at offset 1080. Wipe it? [y/n]
Calculated size of logical volume is 0 extents. Needs to be larger.
vgs -o +vg_free_count,vg_extent_count
  • Create a stripped LV for performance:
lvcreate --size 10G -i 2 -I 64 -n new_stripped_lv_for_performance MY_VG_0
--type striped is not optional as -i option is used)
-i 2. Number of stripes.
-I --stripesize

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