Kubernetes Autoscaler

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kubectl get pods -A | grep autoscaler
cluster-autoscaler              cluster-autoscaler-86cff49xx4-6tcht                        1/1     Running   1 
(109d ago)     123d
helm list -A | grep autoscaler
cluster-autoscaler            	cluster-autoscaler           	1       	2022-06-06 11:11:42.560486 +0200 CEST  	deployed	cluster-autoscaler-9.16.2         	1.23.0
   enabled: true
   min: 2
   max: 20

kubectl get pods -n cluster-autoscaler -o yaml cluster-autoscaler-0987654321

kubectl get events -o yaml | grep message
 message: '0/2 nodes are available: 2 Insufficient cpu.'
 message: 'pod didnt trigger scale-up: '

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