Kubernetes Authorization

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user - The user string provided during authentication.
group - The list of group names to which the authenticated user belongs.
extra - A map of arbitrary string keys to string values, provided by the authentication layer.
API - Indicates whether the request is for an API resource.
Request path - Path to miscellaneous non-resource endpoints like /api or /healthz.
API request verb - API verbs like get, list, create, update, patch, watch, delete, and deletecollection are used for resource requests. To 
determine the request verb for a resource API endpoint, see Determine the request verb.
HTTP request verb - Lowercased HTTP methods like get, post, put, and delete are used for non-resource requests.
Resource - The ID or name of the resource that is being accessed (for resource requests only) -- For resource requests using get, update, patch, 
and delete verbs, you must provide the resource name.
Subresource - The subresource that is being accessed (for resource requests only).
Namespace - The namespace of the object that is being accessed (for namespaced resource requests only).
API group - The API Group being accessed (for resource requests only). An empty string designates the core API group.


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