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kubectl krew search
NAME                            DESCRIPTION                                         INSTALLED
access-matrix                   Show an RBAC access matrix for server resources     no
advise-psp                      Suggests PodSecurityPolicies for cluster.           no
allctx                          Run commands on contexts in your kubeconfig         no
apparmor-manager                Manage AppArmor profiles for cluster.               no
assert                          Assert Kubernetes resources                         no
auth-proxy                      Authentication proxy to a pod or service            no
azad-proxy                      Generate and handle authentication for azad-kub...  no
bd-xray                         Run Black Duck Image Scans                          no
bulk-action                     Do bulk actions on Kubernetes resources.            no
ca-cert                         Print the PEM CA certificate of the current clu...  no
capture                         Triggers a Sysdig capture to troubleshoot the r...  no
cert-manager                    Manage cert-manager resources inside your cluster   no
change-ns                       View or change the current namespace via kubectl.   no
cilium                          Easily interact with Cilium agents.                 no
cluster-group                   Exec commands across a group of contexts.           no
config-cleanup                  Automatically clean up your kubeconfig              no
config-registry                 Switch between registered kubeconfigs               no
cost                            View cluster cost information                       no
creyaml                         Generate custom resource YAML manifest              no
ctx                             Switch between contexts in your kubeconfig          no
custom-cols                     A "kubectl get" replacement with customizable c...  no
cyclonus                        NetworkPolicy analysis tool suite                   no
datadog                         Manage the Datadog Operator                         no
debug-shell                     Create pod with interactive kube-shell.             no
deprecations                    Checks for deprecated objects in a cluster          no
df-pv                           Show disk usage (like unix df) for persistent v...  no
direct-csi                      CSI driver to manage drives in k8s cluster as v...  no
doctor                          Scans your cluster and reports anomalies.           no
duck                            List custom resources with ducktype support         no
edit-status                     Edit /status subresources of CRs                    no
eksporter                       Export resources and removes a pre-defined set ...  no
emit-event                      Emit Kubernetes Events for the requested object     no
evict-pod                       Evicts the given pod                                no
example                         Prints out example manifest YAMLs                   no
exec-as                         Like kubectl exec, but offers a `user` flag to ...  no
exec-cronjob                    Run a CronJob immediately as Job                    no
fields                          Grep resources hierarchy by field name              no
flame                           Generate CPU flame graphs from pods                 no
fleet                           Shows config and resources of a fleet of clusters   no
flyte                           Monitor, launch and manage flyte executions         no
fuzzy                           Fuzzy and partial string search for kubectl         no
gadget                          Gadgets for debugging and introspecting apps        no
get-all                         Like `kubectl get all` but _really_ everything      no
gke-credentials                 Fetch credentials for GKE clusters                  no
gopass                          Imports secrets from gopass                         no
graph                           Visualize Kubernetes resources and relationships.   no
grep                            Filter Kubernetes resources by matching their n...  no
gs                              Handle custom resources with Giant Swarm            no
hlf                             Deploy and manage Hyperledger Fabric components     no
hns                             Manage hierarchical namespaces (part of HNC)        no
iexec                           Interactive selection tool for `kubectl exec`       no
images                          Show container images used in the cluster.          no
ingress-nginx                   Interact with ingress-nginx                         no
ipick                           A kubectl wrapper for interactive resource sele...  no
janitor                         Lists objects in a problematic state                no
konfig                          Merge, split or import kubeconfig files             no
krew                            Package manager for kubectl plugins.                yes
kubesec-scan                    Scan Kubernetes resources with kubesec.io.          no
kudo                            Declaratively build, install, and run operators...  no
kuttl                           Declaratively run and test operators                no
kyverno                         Kyverno is a policy engine for kubernetes           no
match-name                      Match names of pods and other API objects           no
mc                              Run kubectl commands against multiple clusters ...  no
minio                           Deploy and manage MinIO Operator and Tenant(s)      no
modify-secret                   modify secret with implicit base64 translations     no
mtail                           Tail logs from multiple pods matching label sel...  no
multinet                        Shows pods' network-status of multi-net-spec        no
neat                            Remove clutter from Kubernetes manifests to mak...  no
net-forward                     Proxy to arbitrary TCP services on a cluster ne...  no
node-admin                      List nodes and run privileged pod with chroot       no
node-restart                    Restart cluster nodes sequentially and gracefully   no
node-shell                      Spawn a root shell on a node via kubectl            no
np-viewer                       Network Policies rules viewer                       no
ns                              Switch between Kubernetes namespaces                no
oidc-login                      Log in to the OpenID Connect provider               no
open-svc                        Open the Kubernetes URL(s) for the specified se...  no
operator                        Manage operators with Operator Lifecycle Manager    no
oulogin                         Login to a cluster via OpenUnison                   no
outdated                        Finds outdated container images running in a cl...  no
passman                         Store kubeconfig credentials in keychains or pa...  no
pexec                           Execute process with privileges in a pod            no
pod-dive                        Shows a pod's workload tree and info inside a node  no
pod-inspect                     Get all of a pod's details at a glance              no
pod-lens                        Show pod-related resources                          no
pod-logs                        Display a list of pods to get logs from             no
pod-shell                       Display a list of pods to execute a shell in        no
podevents                       Show events for pods                                no
popeye                          Scans your clusters for potential resource issues   no
preflight                       Executes application preflight tests in a cluster   no
profefe                         Gather and manage pprof profiles from running pods  no
prompt                          Prompts for user confirmation when executing co...  no
prune-unused                    Prune unused resources                              no
psp-util                        Manage Pod Security Policy(PSP) and the related...  no
rabbitmq                        Manage RabbitMQ clusters                            no
rbac-lookup                     Reverse lookup for RBAC                             no
rbac-view                       A tool to visualize your RBAC permissions.          no
reap                            Delete unused Kubernetes resources.                 no
reliably                        Surfaces reliability issues in Kubernetes           no
resource-capacity               Provides an overview of resource requests, limi...  no
resource-snapshot               Prints a snapshot of nodes, pods and HPAs resou...  no
resource-versions               Print available versions of each API                no
restart                         Restarts a pod with the given name                  no
rm-standalone-pods              Remove all pods without owner references            no
rolesum                         Summarize RBAC roles for subjects                   no
roll                            Rolling restart of all persistent pods in a nam...  no
schemahero                      Declarative database schema migrations via YAML     no
score                           Kubernetes static code analysis.                    no
service-tree                    Status for ingresses, services, and their backends  no
shovel                          Gather diagnostics for .NET Core applications       no
sick-pods                       Find and debug Pods that are "Not Ready"            no
skew                            Find if your cluster/kubectl version is skewed      no
snap                            Delete half of the pods in a namespace or cluster   no
sniff                           Start a remote packet capture on pods using tcp...  no
socks5-proxy                    SOCKS5 proxy to Services or Pods in the cluster     no
sort-manifests                  Sort manifest files in a proper order by Kind       no
split-yaml                      Split YAML output into one file per resource.       no
spy                             pod debugging tool for kubernetes clusters with...  no
sql                             Query the cluster via pseudo-SQL                    no
ssh-jump                        A kubectl plugin to SSH into Kubernetes nodes u...  no
sshd                            Run SSH server in a Pod                             no
ssm-secret                      Import/export secrets from/to AWS SSM param store   no
starboard                       Toolkit for finding risks in kubernetes resources   no
status                          Show status details of a given resource.            no
sudo                            Run Kubernetes commands impersonated as group s...  no
support-bundle                  Creates support bundles for off-cluster analysis    no
tail                            Stream logs from multiple pods and containers u...  no
tap                             Interactively proxy Kubernetes Services with ease   no
tmux-exec                       An exec multiplexer using Tmux                      no
topology                        Explore region topology for nodes or pods           no
trace                           bpftrace programs in a cluster                      no
tree                            Show a tree of object hierarchies through owner...  no
unused-volumes                  List unused PVCs                                    no
vela                            Easily interact with KubeVela                       no
view-allocations                List allocations per resources, nodes, pods.        no
view-cert                       View certificate information stored in secrets      no
view-secret                     Decode Kubernetes secrets                           no
view-serviceaccount-kubeconfig  Show a kubeconfig setting to access the apiserv...  no
view-utilization                Shows cluster cpu and memory utilization            no
view-webhook                    Visualize your webhook configurations               no
virt                            Control KubeVirt virtual machines using virtctl     no
warp                            Sync and execute local files in Pod                 no
whisper-secret                  Create secrets with improved privacy                no
who-can                         Shows who has RBAC permissions to access Kubern...  no
whoami                          Show the subject that's currently authenticated...  no

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