kubectl krew install oidc-login

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kubectl krew install oidc-login
Adding "default" plugin index from https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/krew-index.git.
Updated the local copy of plugin index.
Installing plugin: oidc-login
Installed plugin: oidc-login
 | Use this plugin:
 | 	kubectl oidc-login
 | Documentation:
 | 	https://github.com/int128/kubelogin
 | Caveats:
 | \
 |  | You need to setup the OIDC provider, Kubernetes API server, role binding and kubeconfig.
 | /
WARNING: You installed plugin "oidc-login" from the krew-index plugin repository.
  These plugins are not audited for security by the Krew maintainers.
  Run them at your own risk.

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