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Possible resource types include (case insensitive): pods (po), services (svc), replicationcontrollers (rc), nodes (no), events (ev), componentstatuses (cs), limitranges (limits), persistentvolumes (pv), persistentvolumeclaims (pvc), resourcequotas (quota), namespaces (ns), endpoints (ep), horizontalpodautoscalers (hpa), serviceaccounts or secrets.


kubectl get
You must specify the type of resource to get. Use "kubectl api-resources" for a complete list of supported resources.

error: Required resource not specified.
Use "kubectl explain <resource>" for a detailed description of that resource (e.g. kubectl explain pods).
See 'kubectl get -h' for help and examples


kubectl get nodes
error: exec plugin: invalid apiVersion "client.authentication.k8s.io/v1alpha1"

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