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wikipedia:Istio (2017-2018) Service mesh provides a way to control how microservices share data with one another. Istio includes APIs that let it integrate into any logging platform, telemetry or policy system.

Istio runs in different environments: on-premise, cloud-hosted, Kubernetes or in virtual machines.



Istio was started by teams from Google and IBM in partnership with the Envoy team from Lyft. And it’s been developed fully in the open on GitHub.


Istio’s architecture is divided into the data plane and the control plane. In the data plane, Istio support is added to a service by deploying a sidecar proxy within your environment. This sidecar proxy sits alongside a microservice and routes requests to and from other proxies. Together, these proxies form a mesh network that intercepts network communication between microservices. The control plane manages and configures proxies to route traffic. The control plane also configures components to enforce policies and collect telemetry.[1] Istio uses an extended version of the Envoy proxy. Envoy is proxy developed in C++[2]


  • December 2018, Istio launches as beta on GKE[3]

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