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Configuring IP Access Lists:

Types of ACLs:

  • Standard ACLs
  • Extended ACLs
  • Lock and Key (Dynamic ACLs)
  • IP Named ACLs, Reflexive ACLs, Time-Based ACLs Using Time Ranges, Commented IP ACL Entries, Context-Based Access Control, Authentication Proxy, Turbo ACLs, Distributed Time-Based ACLs, Receive ACLs, Infrastructure Protection ACLs, Transit ACLs.

Process: Define ACL + Apply ACL to interface

  • router(config)#access-list 101 deny icmp any any
  • router(config)#access-list 101 permit ip any any

  • router(config)#ip access-list extended test
  • router(config-ext-nacl)#permit ip host host
  • router(config-ext-nacl)#permit tcp host host eq www
  • router(config-ext-nacl)#permit icmp any any
  • router(config-ext-nacl)#permit udp host eq domain

To apply ACLs:

  • ip access-group to apply an IPv4 access control list (ACL) to a Layer 3 interface

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