helm upgrade --install

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helm upgrade --help
helm upgrade --install
helm upgrade --install --set variable1=yourvalue
helm upgrade --timeout 600 --install
 helm upgrade --timeout 600 --install -f values.yml
helm upgrade --install airflow apache-airflow/airflow --namespace airflow --create-namespace
helm upgrade --install metrics-server metrics-server/metrics-server
helm upgrade --install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch
helm upgrade --install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch --set replicas=2
helm upgrade --install kibana elastic/kibana --set cpu=100m
helm upgrade --install --namespace karpenter --create-namespace \
  karpenter karpenter/karpenter \
  --version v0.6.3 \
  --set serviceAccount.annotations."eks\.amazonaws\.com/role-arn"=${KARPENTER_IAM_ROLE_ARN} \
  --set clusterName=${CLUSTER_NAME} \
  --set clusterEndpoint=${CLUSTER_ENDPOINT} \
  --set aws.defaultInstanceProfile=KarpenterNodeInstanceProfile-${CLUSTER_NAME} \
  --wait # for the defaulting webhook to install before creating a Provisioner


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